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Large 8ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box

The Large 8Ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Box is optimal for the recycling of 8 Ft T12s, T8s T5s and LED lamps.  The box contains prepaid return shipping labels,  vapor barrier, liner tie, velcro closures and online certificate of acceptance for recycling.

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Dimensions: 8”x8”x96”

Capacity: 25 T12 / 57 T8 8ft straight fluorescent lamps, misc. 8ft T5 straight lamps, and misc. 8ft straight LED lamps. (UN Rated Weight–61 lbs.)

Includes: UN-rated, DOT approved container, inner corrugated tube, 5.5 mil vapor barrier liner, liner tie, velcro closures, instructions, terms and conditions, proof of purchase, prepaid return shipping with label, recycling and online certificate of acceptance for recycling.

Restrictions: CFLs NOT ALLOWED in this container. DO NOT EXCEED THE UN RATED WEIGHT WHEN PLACING LAMPS IN CONTAINER. Lower 48 contiguous states only. Not for export.