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Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) consists of discarded electronic devices such as computer monitors, televisions, mobile phones, video cameras, keyboards, and more. We offer our customers the full range of products below to ensure the recycling of these products is as simple and efficient as possible.

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SKU Product name   Price  
V-061 Large Electronics Recycling Box
  • $108.95
V-196 Small Electronics Recycling Box
  • $55.95
V-197 Medium Electronics Recycling Box
  • $74.95
V-252 Small Battery Drop Box
  • $135.95
V-253 Small CFL Drop Box
  • $67.95
V-254 Small Inkjet Drop Box
  • $55.95
V-255 Small Cell Phone Drop Box
  • $59.95
V-260 Cubic Yard Electronics Recycling Kit
  • $842.95
Supply-345 8 FT UV Lamp Recycling Box
  • $295.95